Our training department focuses on an individual plan to meet your goals as a shooter. We work on one or with small groups or families in 2 hour intervals. This allows us to directly tailor to a student’s needs and learning pace. This also allows us an opportunity to work with a wide array of students ranging from 1st time buyer to high level professionals. Scheduling is always available so pick a time slot that works for you and your needs. Give us a call to get on the schedule here!

Our Training Courses

Course Information

Introductory Courses

  • Self Defense – General self defense training focused on helping you gain the skills necessary to protect yourself
  • Safety – Introductory class to help you grasp fundamentals of gun safety in the home and out
  • Medical – This class will equip you with knowledge and skills necessary for first-aid in various situations
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals (DSF) – This class is a 3 day 9 hours total crash course on the tools and abilities you need to start carrying a hand gun efficiently

Advanced Courses

  • Marksmanship – Advanced training focused on helping you develop better shooting at ranged targets
  • Competition – Advanced training dedicated to help you progress into competitions and become comfortable in competititive environments
  • Intro to one man room clearing – This class is aimed at equipping you for assessing and disarming threats within a building
  • Home Defense Courses (multiple firearms) – These classes are designed to equip you for defending your home with your firearm of choice


  • Fighting Rifle Program – $200/class split into three sessions (total $600)
  • Individual Training Courses – $100/2-hour session
  • For other pricing and course information – please see our calendar page for upcoming courses and see what works for you!